Types of Rubber Bands

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Published: 08th July 2010
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There are various kinds of rubber bands available in the market. The kinds that most of the people are unaware of or are not able to differentiate from one another. Below mentioned are the various rubber band types and their differentiating qualities.

Standard Rubber Bands
Standard rubber bands refer to the regular rubber bands used for holding the day-to-day things like office supplies, newspaper bundle etc. Such rubber bands are available in a variety of sizes, volume and colors. The elasticity varies from wrapping a thing as small as toothbrush to as big as a large bowl.

Industrial Rubber Bands
Industrial Rubber Bands as the name suggests are large, thick bands used for various industrial jobs. These are formed by heavy-duty rubber materials making them useful for the rough and tough industrial purposes. These can stretch two to three times more than their resting lengths. Though industrial rubber bands are available in a variety of sizes but these can also be custom-ordered to meet particular size requirements of a company.

Latex-Free Rubber Bands
Latex-free rubber bands are the special bands made without the use of latex. Latex or natural rubber is notorious for skin allergies and other complications hence, latex free rubber bands remain quite in demand. Despite of the absence of natural rubber, these synthetic rubber bands have excellent strength and stretch. Latex-free rubber bands are most often used in medical, laboratory and educational fields.

Produce Rubber Bands
Produce rubber bands are the ones which are used to hold large bunches of produce like celery, asparagus etc. Though the quality standard is not that high and moreover, they stretch lesser than the regular rubber bands.

High-Temperature Rubber Bands
There are certain specifically formulated rubber bands called high-temperature rubber bands to withstand the high temperature settings and UV rays. UV rays and heat are two elements which regular rubber bands cannot bear hence, high-temperature rubber bands are perfect for hot environments.

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